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For Immediate Release: A Statement by the Election Board Regarding Group Endorsements

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Meet the Candidates at 6pm today!

Endorsements Hearing Tonight!

Come to the Endorsement Hearing tonight from 6-11pm in Ackerman Grand Ballroom!

Constitutional Amendment

Shall the Undergraduate Students Association Constitution amend the name of the Student Welfare Commissioner to the Student Wellness Commissioner as follows in Article II Section C Subsection 1 (m) and Article III Section A Subsection 11?

II. C. 1. m. Student Wellness Commissioner

III. A. 11 The Student Wellness Commissioner

Shall address general student concerns as head of the Student Wellness Commission and its representative to the USA Council. Specific duties shall be those delineated in the Bylaws and other functions as delegated by the Council.


Supplemental Information

In 1919, the Secretary of Public Welfare was one of the original officers of the Undergraduate Students Association Council. This title was changed to the Commissioner of Welfare two years later, in 1921, and once again in 1922 to Commissioner of Public Welfare. After being removed from the council, the role was added, once again, in 1926 as the Welfare Board Representative. The role had been renamed and replaced multiple times until 1967 when the current name, Student Welfare Commissioner, was assigned.

Welfare is historically associated with a holistic approach to health. However, the current connotation of welfare is associated with initiatives created by the federal and state governments to support residents in need of monetary support. Wellness is a contemporary term describing overarching wellbeing and proactivity with regards to personal health. Accordingly, the use of wellness is intended to increase the recognition of the services offered to undergraduate students at the University of California Los Angeles campus by the commission, without changing the health-based programming goals.

To reflect the health-based programming supported by the Student Welfare Commissioner, a constitutional amendment is required to rename the position to Student Wellness Commissioner. This change is intended to keep the acronym of SWC while updating the title of the Undergraduate Students Association officer.

USA Constitution: http://www.usac.ucla.edu/documents/docs/governing_constitution.doc

Learn about Contingency USA/BOD Referendum Enactment (CURE) here! Get informed so you can make an educated vote on this referendum.

Hi Bruin! Did you know…

YOUR student government allocates hundreds of student groups funding every year to student groups for cultural, educational, social, leadership development, and community service activities via the USA Programming and Contingency Programming Funds?

In recent years, there have been more active student organizations, leading to higher demand for USAC programming funds.

Surplus funds (unused funds from the previous fiscal year that can be spent in the current fiscal year) have become a necessary supplement to stagnant USAC programming funds and are shrinking. This has led to a decline in the available money for student programs.

Finally, this reliance on surplus funding creates a fiscally unsound model, because surplus varies from year to year.

If funding remains at its current state and continues to rely so heavily on surplus funds, it is projected that Contingency Programming Funds for the 2012-2013 fiscal year would be cut by up to 60%. The Contingency Programming Fund and USA Programming Fund are open to all student groups and have been a source of funding for a diverse range of programming. This referendum shall be designed to support student programs and services by asking UCLA undergraduate students to contribute $3 per quarter.

Referendum Language

Shall the Undergraduate Students Association support the efforts of student organization programming, including cultural, educational, social, leadership development, and
community service activities by increasing the USA mandatory fees by $3 per undergraduate student per quarter for use as follows?

One dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) to the Contingency Programming Fund
One dollar ($1.00) to the USA Programming Fund
Seventy-five cents ($0.75) returned to aid

This fee will be subject to the Los Angeles County Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment factor every year, beginning in Fall 2013.


Complaint Forms Available Online

Upcoming Event: Meet the Candidates


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